I'm using a custom fields plugin for WordPress (Advanced Custom Fields) and am using a time picker field set to format: "h:mm tt". Using a typical WP query, I'm attempting to sort by "start time" in ascending order, but the returned lists of posts seems to sort on ascending numerical value (i.e. 12:00 PM would appear after 6:00 PM). I checked the custom field data and it's definitely being saved as a UNIX timestamp (start time of '1383224400' for example).

I've passed a few combinations of arguments to query_posts but nothing I've tried has worked. Here is the query I'm using:

<?php $args = array(
    'post_type' => 'friday_event',
    'orderby' => 'meta_value_num',
    'meta_key' => 'start_time',
    'order' => 'ASC',
    'nopaging' => true
query_posts( $args );
while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I've tried using a custom 'meta_query' where I set 'meta_value' to a variable and do a custom compare, but I still can't get the posts to sort correctly. Any help is very much appreciated!


I don't see any reason why your code should not work, and when I test things it does work. I think that one of the following is happening:

  1. Your meta_key is wrong. Perhaps it is prepended by a _ for example.
  2. You don't have correct, or consistent, timestamps
  3. You have sticky posts getting in the way
  4. There is a filter acting on the query.

To solve #3, add 'ignore_sticky_posts' => true, to the arguments. For the others, I can't say. I don't the ability to investigate those possibilities.

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I had the same problem two years ago but, I got a tip to get my custom metafields sorted correctly.
first you must define the orderby field, for example you has written "meta_value_num" but which is the value_num? or which field has the value or values to orderby?
For example I have to sort for a price value

$args = array(
'post_type' => 'post',
'posts_per_page' => '10',
'paged' => get_query_var( 'paged' ),
'key' => 'price_value',
'value' => 'price_value',
'type' => 'numeric',
'orderby' => 'price_value',
'order'   => 'ASC'

query_posts( $args );

?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

where price_value is the meta field that WP will look into, and also is the meta value number to be sorted. All data can be sorted, even if data are unformatted.

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  • You should review the Codex page for WP_Query. About half of your arguments are wrong/used incorrectly. This won't work as written. – s_ha_dum Nov 5 '13 at 18:48
  • @s_ha_dum the code is working since two years ago on 10 sites, I had to remove some < and <?php because the lines it wasn´t shown properly. – Fernando Baltazar Nov 5 '13 at 19:08
  • Use the same arguments to create a new WP_Query, then var_dump the object. You can see in the SQL that this does not do what you intend. Most of those arguments are simply ignored. – s_ha_dum Nov 5 '13 at 19:18
  • The same is true if you just dump $wp_query after your query_posts runs. – s_ha_dum Nov 5 '13 at 19:32
  • Can this be done with just 'orderby' => 'meta_value_num', 'meta_key' => 'start_time', 'meta_value' => '', somehow setting the 'meta_value' key to the time value stored in the 'start_time' key? The fields are saved in DB as UNIX timestamps, so I imagine sorting on this field should be rather straightforward. – Sean M. Nov 5 '13 at 19:54

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