I wondering the session was disable in wordpress. I try to find some information on using session variables in the wordpress. I tried the following method to implement session variables in the wordpress site.

I tried this way.


$_SESSION['firstname'] = $_POST['firstname'];


If i echoing the $_SESSION['firstname'] is not come's up. So I googled to find the reason why it doesn't support.

function register_session() {
    if (!session_id())

add_action('init', 'register_session');

This above method i tried and implemented but it also doesn't work.

Right now i integrating session in plugin so i don't want to edit the core file. Because i doing the custom plugin development.

How to enable the session in wordpress plugin. Any Suggestion would be great



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Your code doesn't seem to be wrong, it's just how I would do it - see my answer here. So the question would be is your session getting started? Try debugging this:

// do you have a session id
$s_id = session_id();

// can you declare a bogus session variable, yours might just be empty
$_SESSION['bogus'] = 'bogus';

Another advisable step is to lower the priority of the add_action() call:

add_action('init', 'register_session', 1);

just to make sure you have your session ready before it's needed by another action/function.


Could the same functionality be achieved with Transients? i.e.:

set_transient( 'username', $_POST['firstname'], MINUTE_IN_SECONDS );

Sessions are not necessary then.


In your plugins, use wp hook to store session variable.

add_action('wp', 'start_my_session');
function start_my_session() {
    $_SESSION['myvar'] = 'this is my var';

Now you can access it from anywhere. for example:

add_action('wp_footer', 'show_session_var');
function show_session_var() {
    if(isset($_SESSION['myvar'])) echo $_SESSION['myvar'];

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