I have a page on my site at mysite.com/publish. This page leads to a members area where they can add/edit posts from the front end. For some reason, randomly as far as I can tell, Wordpress keeps adding an empty folder to the same folder that Wordpress is in. For instance, my WP install is in a sub-directory called wordpress-2013 which is inside my main public directory. Inside that main directory an empty directory called "Publish" keeps being created so when someone tries to visit mysite.com/publish an error is given because of that folder.

I'm not sure where to even start figuring out what might be wrong. Anyone have any ideas? I found a couple threads on here from about 4 years ago that either didn't have answers or did not apply to the current WP version.

Thanks in advance.

  • what are your access permissions to the main directory? wordpress should not be able to write to it otherwise you have a big security problem. – Mark Kaplun Nov 1 '13 at 5:31
  • Nothing seems off with the permissions and you're probably correct that it's not WP creating the folder, I just can't figure out what actually is. I figured out a workaround to point people to the page us bloginfo('wpurl') instead of bloginfo(url) as the base URL, which forces WP to look in the WP sub-directory instead of the main directory for the page. But, I'm still curious why that folder keeps appearing. Hopefully someone else has an idea or has experienced this before. – Eckstein Nov 2 '13 at 1:16

I figured it out. I had a sub-directory set up with my hosting cPanel that I had completely forgotten about from long ago. I got rid of that and this is now fixed.

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