So I have other short codes that are built in this fashion and I cant figure out what i did between them and this one, This short code is used as such: [code code="function(){}"] to wrap your input in <code></code> tags, great for something super simple.

the issue is:

function aisis_inline_code($atts, $content = null){
    extract (
        shortcode_atts (
            array (
                'code' => 'test?'
    return '<code>'.$code.'</code>';

add_shortcode( 'code', 'aisis_inline_code');

The above renders out test wrapped in code tags instead of the content I put in which is: [code code="function(){}"]

How do we debug these? This was working pre WordPress 3.7.1, not it seems all it wants to do is out put test?. I checked the spelling of the short code spelling a hundred times. ...

  • a copy/paste of your code and example shortcode work as expected for me.
    – Milo
    Oct 31, 2013 at 19:52

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I checked your solution (copy and paste) and it is working fine in Wordpress 3.7.1 Maybe check your post again. Can you provide a link to your site? (can not comment yet, thats why I answer)

  • @TheWebs It works fine for me too tested in Wordpress 3.7.1 Oct 31, 2013 at 20:34

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