enter image description here I need to make an inquiry form on my website. This demo form is what I need. How can I make this thing? I tried Formcraft and Gravity but I don't succeeded.

In the first time I want to choose the color and the type for PVC. After that, line after line, I need to choose few values (Open type is combo field, L and H are numeric fields in mm, and number of pieces is combo type). In the bottom of form I need two buttons (Another product line and Send). If I press Another product, another line appear to be filled.

How to solve this?

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You seem to be talking about multi step form. Multi step form mean a large form which contains different sections are divided into multiple step to finish the form easily and clearly. By this you can set validation and take them to where ever you want. Here's a tutorial to guide in the process:

Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery and CSS3

Break your long forms into smaller logical sections and convert it into a multi-step form with progress bar. The form has 3 fieldsets containing the 3 different sections of the form. The fieldsets are absolutely positioned and only the first one is visible by default. Moving to the next section fades out the current fieldset using jQuery .animate() and brings in the next fieldset from the right. The reverse happens if the user moves to the previous section.

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