I am trying to develop my first WordPress site, its going to be a school site, I develop sites normally, but this is my first time of using a CMS to do that.

The school site is supposed to display the homepage of the school when users view the site, but then, it is supposed to also show a login link to users when they are not logged in, and if they are logged in, it is supposed to show extra items on the menu bar.

I do not see how to achieve this without some conditional statements in place, but I really hope there is a way to get there without coding, I am new to wordpress and I have not really gone deep into knowing much of its classes and functions, so most preferable I would like to achieve this without coding using plugins or maybe specific themes (if possible), and if not, I would still like to know how to go about it.

I hope my question is not too ambiguous. I would really appreciate all answers. Thanks...


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I'm sure if this will be much help, but I have done similar using a plugin called Theme My Login, this allows for login and log out links in the menu.

I have then used WPMUDEV's membership plugin to register users and to show two different menu's depending on whether the user is a guest or a registered member.

If you keep the home page sparse with a Call To Action to register, then your user is likely to register and follow that funnel.

I hope that helps.

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