Someone would tell me how i could do so that all posts published on the websites of my network were published on the main site of the network also?

Or more directly, any way of doing a select on which he select all posts of all prefixes wp_2_posts, wp_3_posts infinitely...

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To iterate through all sites of the network, we need a function like this (it's an adaptation, check the original that's linked there too):

Hierarchical Page Listing of all Pages in a Multisite Network

And when doing the loop, you will switch_to_blog($id) and perform any normal read/write operation. Here's an example of post insertion after a site creation:

WP_INSERT_POST issue on Wordpress Multisite

And here's an experimental plugin I did to publish a post from one site to another. It displays a meta box when editing a post where you can select other site where the same post is to be published. I guess it's a good starting point to develop a custom solution.

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