I have written a plugin that creates it's own tables to house the necessary schema for client's product. Then I created a single page that retrieves the custom object via passed in query string like so:


Where it would retrieve the item with ID 7 in it's custom table.

However the client would like to have commenting enabled on their custom object's page, with those comments obviously being related to the item with id 7.

Seeings how I don't create a page, or post for this object. Is there any way to tie Wordpress Built In Commenting to this custom object ?

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    While I wouldn't say it's impossible outright, endeavors like this usually drown in massive amounts of edge cases. Natively comments are engineered to go with post types. – Rarst Oct 17 '13 at 20:39

I would enable comments for that page and save them with a comment meta holding your object's ID. To be more specific, this is how would I tackle this issue:

  1. Hook into comment_post action and save a comment meta called my_object_id with your custom object ID as a value when posting a comment from the relevant page.
  2. To display only relevant comments, I'd query the comments with meta_key => "my_object_id" and meta_value set to the actual object ID you're retrieving the comments for.
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  • Nice solution. WP has some phenomenal power with the hooks they provide, doesn't it? – random_user_name Oct 17 '13 at 20:58

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