I have created a custom page for login/registration. Is there any automated way to redirect all wp-login.php calls to that page, or will I need to replace all links manually.

For example, on the comments form, I have this default message:

You must be logged in to post a comment.

The logged in links to the


How can I change this to:


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You can redirect requests to wp-login.php to your page:

  function() {
    $parsed = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
    $redirect = site_url('mypage');
    if (!empty($parsed['query'])) {
      $redirect .= '?'.$parsed['query'];

However, wp-login.php appears ~34 times in Core on my 3.6.1 install ( grep -Rn "wp-login.php" * | wc -l ), and many of those do not appear to be filterable. Actually altering all of those links would take some work and may well involve core hacks.

The login_url filter, and the logout_url one, will get you part way, but it do not cover all cases.

  function($url) {
    return str_replace('wp-login.php','mypage',$url);

Very rough code. Barely tested. Possibly buggy. Caveat emptor. No refunds.

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