I was playing with: $wp_meta_boxes, $menu and $submenu global arrays to remove "things" on admin dashboard (using unset on PHP foreach iterations).

Now I'm stuck trying to remove without using jQuery or JavaScript:

  1. Favorites action menu.
  2. Screen options panel.

Thanks in advance.

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I once did extend the screen panels, putting a third one next to screen and help. But that was mainly by javascript. So you can remove them with javscript I'm sure. There were no hooks or so, that's why I opened a ticket as well with a patch because I thought that it would be useful to have. I got some traction lately, so maybe this feature will be implemented in 3.1 / 3.2:

Maybe the patch still works so you can apply the patch and use the hooks.

Some kind of related / master ticket is:


How to remove the favorite actions menu

Hook a filter onto favorite_actions and return an empty array.

function remove_favorite_actions() {
    return array();
add_filter( 'favorite_actions', 'remove_favorite_actions' );

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