I've built a custom user account system using a custom post type. I was wondering whether it is safe to use the built-in function wp_set_auth_cookie($user_id, $remember, $secure) Wordpress uses for the built-in user system. For $user_id I figured I could use the post id. But wouldn't this clash with the existing system? Is there a nifty trick to keep the default user cookies from clashing with the custom user cookies or shouldn't I use this function at all?

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Why are you building a seperate user system in the first place? The wordpress builtin system is pretty flexible.

In theory all the login functions like wp_set_auth_cookie(), wp_generate_auth_cookie(), wp_parse_auth_cookie() etc. are all pluggable functions. Which means you can replace them with your own custom functions.

But to be realistic, it will be a lot of work to get this working as you won't be able to use the default wp_set_auth_cookie() as long as you replace all login functions, or sync your virtual userbase with the real wp_users table.

The default function will not set a valid login cookie unless it finds that $user_id is a real wordpress user.

I think your best options are:

  • Rewrite your login system to use real users instead of your CPT and store your custom stuff in user_meta.
  • Sync your CPT users with real users (create a real user for each post of your CPT).
  • Build your own login system, leave it totally seperate from wordpress users and create the auth_cookies your self.

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