I am pretty new in WP (I came from Joomla) and I am finding some difficulties to do the following operation in WP Main Menu.

If you go on this site you can easy understand what I need: http://www.saranistri.com/saranistriWPnew/

As you can see in this website there is to much main menu voices (and the Main Menu takes up too much space) so I want group some voices as sub voices into a main voices.

I want something like this Joomla Main Menu: http://lnx.erusma.org/en/ in which, for example, if you pass the mouse on the Who We Are voice you can say the subvoice. Can I do the same thing in WP? (I do not want to associate the main voice to a specific page to a category, this simply must be not clickable)



  • Just go to the menu editor and drag an item under another parent item. – Wyck Oct 9 '13 at 21:28
  • If you want this item have no link, just create a custom link item, using '#' for url. – gmazzap Oct 9 '13 at 21:35

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