someone knows how to limit the number of blogs creation in a wordpress multisite? (3.6.1).

In the wordpress plugins repository there is this plugin, but It doesn't work, I think it's not up to date.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thank you very much.


The signup page has validation hooks. How about something like this?


function set_blog_creation_limit($result) {

    $blogs = get_blogs_of_user($result['user']->ID);

    if (count($blogs) > 2 )
        $result['errors']->add('blogname', __('You have already registered the maximum amount of blogs!'));

    return $result;

This is what I'd do.

Use this add action:

add_action( 'wpmu_new_blog', 'myFunction' ); 

// parameters $blog_id, $user_id, $domain, $path, $site_id, $meta

And every time a user creates a Blog to check the current blog count get_blog_count() and if it's less to reverse the action.

This way you can do an overall limit or limit by user.

  • It should be add_action(), not do_action(). Also, please provide some detail as to what should be in the myFunction() function. – Pat J Oct 9 '13 at 19:41

Ok, I solved in this manner. I can't say if it's the best practice, but this solution fit my needs.

function limit_blog_creation_per_user($active_signup)
  $blog_limit = 1;
  if( !is_super_admin() )
    $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
    $user_blogs = get_blogs_of_user( $current_user->ID );
    if (count($user_blogs) >= $blog_limit ) $active_signup = 'none';
  return $active_signup;

Note: this action doesn't change the active_signup value stored in the database!

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