I'm using a lightbox plugin that blows the image up to it's own window when an image is clicked. I want this behavior to ONLY happen when the image is clicked on from it's POST page. When the same image is clicked from the MAIN (home) page I want the user to be navigated to the POST page.

So the flow would be:

1. User clicks the image on main page (or any other page than it's own post page for that matter) ...
2. That takes them to the post page the image is on ...
3. The user clicks the image on it's own post page ...
4. The image pops up in it's lightbox frame.

I'm completely new to WordPress, can anyone help me with this?


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    Just change the code. :) There isn’t much more to say, because we don’t how your code looks like. Please improve your question, make sure we can reproduce your problem. – fuxia Jul 6 '14 at 17:15
  • So the plugin isn't quite working the way you want it to, no big surprise. Have you thoroughly gone over the plugin's reading material? forums? Chances are there's a way to do this and it has already been explained. If not, chances are there's a better plugin that will have these basic options laid out. – deflime Jul 6 '14 at 19:18

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