Basically and the two plugins mentioned above installed and functioning. But in math posts, my math code is getting hyphenated, so I get mathjax errors like: Undefined control sequence \righ (the intended command was \rightarrow).

Searching I could not find anyone with a similar problem, so I resorted to the wisdom of SE :-) Ideas?

EDIT: here are the links for the plugins: Mathjax-latex and wp-Typography.

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You can tell wp-Typography to not process the code inside certain elements -- go to Settings » wp-Typography in your site's backend and add the appropriate items to the appropriate areas. If you're not sure what the appropriate items are, have a look at the source of one of the pages where you've got some LaTeX code added in. What tags are wrapped around your LaTeX code?

  • <math>...</math> -- you should add math to the HTML Elements box
  • <div id="something">...</div> -- add something to the ID box
  • <span class="something">...</span> -- add something to the Class box
  • MathJax's html trickery turned out to be more complicated than I thought, so I can't make your suggestion to work. So far the only fix I have is to put the LaTeX commands that are being hyphenated into wp-Typography's list of words not to be hyphenated. This works, despite being notoriously crude...
    – wmnorth
    Oct 2, 2013 at 18:17

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