I'm making a plugin which stores referrer data for comments. I already have my database table created, and the data is being stored correctly when a comment is made.

Now I would like to attach a custom div to the comment block for each comment. How would I add a filter to the comment loop? I want to say "if this comment ID has a referrer logged in my table, then print out the referrer in my special div". I can write the function myself, I just need help on where to inject my function.

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It is hard to say what you need to hook into without knowing all the details but I think you may be able to use comment_text-- more or less the the_content of comments.

  function ($comment) {
    return $comment.'<div>This is your special division</div>';

If that isn't quite right, take a look at the filters listed in the Codex for comments.

  • That sounds perfect. I'll try that next week and let you know. Thanks very much!
    – Branndon
    Commented Sep 27, 2013 at 20:55

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