I am writing my first plugin and I have this code in the main plugin php to replace home page with custom template

add_filter( 'template_include', 'replace_home_page' );

function replace_home_page( $template ) {
      if (is_home()){
    return plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . 'mhomepagetemplate.php';
  return $template;

before above code I call code to register some javascript


    function load_js(){
        wp_enqueue_script($main_js_name,plugins_url($plugin_name.'/js/'.$main_js_name),array( 'jquery' ));
echo    '<BR><BR>'. plugins_url($plugin_name.'/js/'.$main_js_name);


the javascript file contains only one line now

console.log('test from js');

I was expecting to see the text text from js in javascript console but it is not there. I cannot find the code anywhere on the home page.

The custom template calls <?php wp_head(); ?>

Could someone help me to make the javascript work?


The action is plural: wp_print_scripts, however, the action you want to enqueue scripts on is wp_enqueue_scripts.

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