I am stuck in a website and searching for someone to help me.

I am using "Awesome Filterable Portfolio" plugin. I have to use it for different pages like Logo Design, Website, Print Graphics etc and other each page there will be some categories.

So How I can use the plugin more than once? I have tried to change the name and everything, but when I install it shows one single menu in Dashboard with two plugins menu.

Please help me: How i can use a plugin more than one time?.

  • Please link to the plugin so other don't have to search for it. Have you tried asking plugin's developer? – Rarst Sep 23 '13 at 12:06

This is a very generic answer but you can't just rename the plugin, you are also going to have to alter the add_menu_page and add_submenu_page registration code starting around line 48 and going to about line 81. You need to change at least the $menu_slug and $parent_slug, but probably want to change $page_title and $menu_title as well.

And you probably need to alter the afp_get_new_portfolio_item_page function so that one plugin does not clobber the options of another one.

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