I'm working on a client site and need the following:

  • A custom post type called 'Agreements'
  • On the Agreements edit panel, show a list of "Offices" checkboxes. Users can select multiple Offices per Agreement.

Here's the rub. I want the admins to be able to add/edit Offices, which would each have a title, abbreviation and URL. The admins can add/edit Offices in a totally separate place, but I want these new Offices to show up in the Agreements edit panel automatically.

I've tried a number of approaches, but I'm having trouble pulling the Offices list into the Agreements custom edit panel. Magic Fields comes close with its "Related Types" option, and I almost got WPAlchemy working but ultimately failed.

Any suggestions on better / easier ways to do this? Thanks so much for any and all tips and advice!

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I'd recommend you consider creating a Custom Post Type of 'office' and use one of the following custom post relationship plugins to maintain relationships between Agreements and your Offices:

Note: Also, here's a link to my own pinboard that I'll update in the future with any other WordPress Post Relationship Plugins as I find them.

  • In the end I didn't find any solution that worked for me, but I hate leaving a question "unanswered". :) One day when I have a bunch of time I'll start from scratch with one of the many options offered here and see if I can get it to work - it just took too much re-engineering to go back from the point where I was at in my previous budget.
    – Michelle
    Mar 24, 2011 at 16:29
  • @FriendlyWP - I'd be interested in knowing why those others didn't work for you and what you would like to see. I'm working with a team of people who want to create a plugin that will address the issues that would make 80-90% of developers choose it. Basically we want to create a defacto standard. You can contact me directly via my profile if you like. Mar 25, 2011 at 3:55
  • It wasn't the solutions, it was that I had 99% of what I wanted working already with WPAlchemy and didn't have the time to start again. Post2Post & ZigConnect seem like they would work, but neither came with all the things I already had working with WPAlchemy - full TinyMCE textareas w/upload image buttons, separate img upload functionality, easy display of all the content of those fields and more I'm forgetting now. Since this wasn't a feature requested by the client I had to move on. Thx again & good luck with your plugin - happy to help test if you ever need it!
    – Michelle
    Mar 25, 2011 at 15:39

I would add a register_taxonomy custom taxonomy "offices" that would make your queries simpler and you will get a metabox with checkboxes just like you want.

to limit the creation of these taxonomy terms to admin only you can use any of the many role capabilities plugins out there.

  • The problem is, I need each Office to include a full name, short name and URL (for the display side of things). Is that possible with Taxonomies? I thought they were like tags.
    – Michelle
    Mar 8, 2011 at 23:57

I suggest creating a custom taxonomy office for agreements post type. For including meta boxes in editing page of agreements post type, you can use this script.

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