I have already got the built in meta boxes displaying on the front, but some of them require the accompanying wp-admin/js/post.js to function correctly. I'd rather not rewrite anything here and just include what is already written. The problem is there are variables in the file which must be declared somewhere else, postboxes for example. Does anybody know where in the core files this file and/or it's dependencies are defined?

If anybody is wondering, this is part of a front end administration plugin.


Because of the dependency handling built into the script registration system you should only need ...


... to load all of the required scripts, which is exactly what the Core does.

But just loading the scripts isn't going to make everything work. That form is actually loaded by wp-admin/post.php, which requires wp-admin/admin.php which includes and requires other things, some of which include and require still more things. I am honestly not sure what all has to be done-- never been a fan of the "front end posting" idea-- but this is not a small project or a simple one.

I guess that does answer this question though:

Does anybody know where in the core files this file and/or it's dependencies are defined?

  • After playing around for a few hours last night, I came to the same conclusion. It would be far easier to write, and maintain, by just re-implementing what I need. – Twifty Sep 17 '13 at 3:13
  • Took a look again and it seems what I thought was something not being included from my code is actually a not working for the real admin page either. Could you confirm? "New post/page" screen, "Categories" metabox, and try adding a new category. I get TypeError: q.parsed is undefined in the console. But the Ajax request is going through OK (the new category is added). On 6.3.1 btw. – Twifty Sep 17 '13 at 6:16

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