Have a wordpress theme with custom registration. Registration works on the registration page. If I take the form and place it on another page , eg. Homepage.. it gives me this error.

Here is the code for my form

// Form

<div class="container">

          <?php if(edd_get_errors()){?>
           <div class="error flash">
                  <p><?php __( 'Please review the following issues that occurred', 'forest' ); ?></p>
                      <?php forest_print_errors();?>
                <?php } else if(isset($_GET['success']) && $_GET['success'] == "ok") {?>
                   <div class="success flash">
                          <p><?php echo __( 'Thank you, You will receive your new password via email.  For security, please change this upon login', 'forest' ); ?></p>
                <?php }?>
                <div class="content-s">
                     <div class="content-box">
                        <?php if (get_option('users_can_register')){ ?>

                                        <form id=""  class="horizontal-form" action="" method="post">

                                                        <div class="input-group">
                                                                <label for="user_login"><?php echo __( 'Username', 'forest' ); ?>:</label>
                                                                <div class="inputs">
                                                                  <input name="user_login" id="user_login" class="required" type="text" value="<?php echo isset($_POST['user_login']) ? esc_attr(stripslashes($_POST['user_login'])):''; ?>"/>

                                                        <div class="input-group">
                                                                <label for="user_email"><?php echo __( 'E-mail Addy', 'forest' ); ?>:</label>
                                                                <div class="inputs">
                                                                  <input name="user_email" id="user_email" class="required" type="text" value="<?php echo isset($_POST['user_email']) ? esc_attr(stripslashes($_POST['user_email'])):''; ?>"/>

                                                        <div class="input-group">
                                                                <div class="inputs">
                                                                 <em><?php echo __( 'The password will be e-mailed to you.', 'forest' ); ?></em>

                                                        <div class="form-submit">
                                                                 <input type="hidden" name="edd_redirect" value="<?php bloginfo('url') ?>/wp-login.php?action=register&success=ok"/>
                                                                <input type="hidden" name="edd-registre-nonce" value="<?php echo wp_create_nonce( 'edd-registre-nonce' ); ?>"/>
                                                                <input type="hidden" name="edd_action" value="user_registre"/>
                                                                <button type="submit" class="btn-icon submit"><?php echo __( 'Create Account', 'forest' ); ?></button>


                                <?php } else {?>
                                  <h1><?php echo __('Registration is closed','forest'); ?></h1>
                                  <p><?php echo __('Sorry, you are not allowed to register by yourself on this site!','forest'); ?></p>
                                  <p><?php echo __('You must either be invited by one of our team member or request an invitation by email.','forest'); ?></p>
                                <?php }?>


and here is the code for the function

function forest_process_registre_form( $data ) {
        if ( wp_verify_nonce( $data['edd-registre-nonce'], 'edd-registre-nonce' ) ) {

                $errors = register_new_user($data['user_login'], $data['user_email']);
                if ( isset($errors) && is_array($errors) ){
                        foreach($errors as $error) {
                                if(count($error) > 0) {
                                        foreach($error as $e) {
                                                edd_set_error( 'email_incorrect', $e[0]);
                // Check for errors and redirect if none present
                $errors = edd_get_errors();
                if ( ! $errors ) {
                        $redirect = apply_filters( 'edd_login_redirect', $data['edd_redirect'], $user_ID );
                        wp_redirect( $redirect );
add_action( 'edd_user_registre', 'forest_process_registre_form' );

Full function code here

Why won't register_new_user() work if the form is placed anywhere else?

  • Are you doing anytning atypical with load there? The function is defined in wp-includes/user.php and should be available for any normal WP core load.
    – Rarst
    Sep 15, 2013 at 14:04
  • The move to wp-includes/user.php was very recent. What version of WordPress are you using?
    – s_ha_dum
    Sep 15, 2013 at 14:15
  • @s_ha_dum I am using wp version 3.6 at the moment. Sep 15, 2013 at 14:23
  • @Rarst Not that I am aware of. I know the function is deprecated. But the registation runs fine on the page with url 'wp-login.php?action=register' its only when I take the form I have outside of that page it breaks. I want to have a register modal in the header so a user can quickly register. Why it doesn't register is outside baffles me. Sep 15, 2013 at 14:28

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I greped a 3.6 install and got this:

./wp-login.php:321:function register_new_user( $user_login, $user_email ) {
./wp-login.php:550:             $errors = register_new_user($user_login, $user_email);

Notice the function definition is in wp-login.php.

If you look at the current wp-login.php, it isn't there anymore and there is a note at the top of the page, just above the code:

Last change on this file was 25231, checked in by SergeyBiryukov, 11 days ago

Move check_password_reset_key(), reset_password(), and register_new_user() from wp-login.php to wp-includes/user.php, to make them reusable. props beaulebens for initial patch. fixes #20279.

That migration of code has been needed for a long, long time. I am glad it was finally done. Your fix is to update WordPress.

  • Very interesting. I have upgraded to 3.6.1, yet I still get th error Call to undefined function register_new_user() This is inside a themes custom function file. So can the function be called if its outside wp-login.php. The fix you listed makes perfect sense why it is doing that but it still fails to process the registration. Sep 15, 2013 at 14:39
  • Do you have any caching on the site?
    – s_ha_dum
    Sep 15, 2013 at 14:52
  • I have cleared the cache. However I have downloaded the latest version manually and found that 'register_new_user' still exists in wp-login.php even though it has meant to have migrated to wp-includes/user.php. So they haven't included it in 3.6.1! Shall I just move the code manually? If so, am I just moving that function to user.php? Sep 15, 2013 at 15:19
  • The subversion release should have the latest patches.
    – s_ha_dum
    Sep 15, 2013 at 15:26
  • Thankyou so much! This has fixed the issue. How you found that and resolved the issue is amazing, you rock! Sep 15, 2013 at 15:47

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