I have a case where I have multiple Administrators. Not all of them want to be notified per email when there was a comment posted or is held for moderation.

The Settings > Discussion page only allows for the control of comment moderation emails for all Admins, not for selected ones. Responsible for the emails being send is this function: http://wpseek.com/wp_notify_moderator/

Within that function there is an array stored in a variable called $emails and the first value that is being stored is get_option('admin_email'). The second value (email) is that of the post author.

At the end of the function there are some filters one of which let's you modify the $emails array and so far I got the following. But this is not working, any ideas why?

// Don't email webmaster for comment moderation
add_filter( 'comment_moderation_recipients', 'pref_dont_email_webmaster', 10, 2 );
function pref_dont_email_webmaster( $emails, $comment_id ) {
    $webmaster_email = '[email protected]';
    if ( $emails[0] == $webmaster_email )
    return (array) $emails;

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comment_moderation_recipients filter is not in wordpress 3.6.

check link : http://wpseek.com/wp_notify_moderator/ you will find following line.

  • Oh, I just assumed it'd be available in 3.6 as well. Do you know of a way to accomplish the same for lteWP3.6?
    – Marc Wiest
    Sep 6, 2013 at 23:07

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