Is there a way to export certain posts into an HTML newsletter format that is suitable to email to subscribers?

I am thinking of something that allows me to select a certain amount of posts, etc and that then generates in-line HTML content with those posts in them in a format I can copy and paste into a newsletter management tool (i.e. mailchimp, campaigner, etc).

I've noticed that some mail providers like mailchimp, aweber, etc offers RSS to email, which looks pretty handy and might work - unfortunately my client is using campaigner.com which does not appear to offer this. Perhaps there is another straight forward way to generate an HTML email?

  • Can you be more descriptive and give more details? With the information you have given I only can say that you can make a query to get the content of the selected post and use wp_mail() to send the HTML email. – cybmeta Sep 5 '13 at 22:41
  • You're going to have the build the email from scratch dynamically if your client doesn't use a service that offers rss to email or something similar. Alternatively, you can look into how those services actually implement rss to email, I bet there's some os projects you can fork to get started. Quick google search: github.com/matthewkcarr/rss-to-email – Andrew Bartel Sep 5 '13 at 23:14

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