I have migrated my WordPress blog from one host to another by way of transferring the files and exporting/importing my database, updating URL references where needed.

On my new host, I can successfully view the front-page of my blog however visiting posts results in "404 - Page not found" errors, seemingly regardless of my permalink settings.

My blog as it resides on the new host can be found at www.erogol.com

Any one know the reason?

  • Have you verified that the PHP mod_rewrite module is enabled on your new host?
    – bosco
    Sep 4, 2013 at 20:58

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All your inner links use the wwww subdomain instead of the www subdomain. Check your General Settings to see if you added an extra w in your site url.

For example:

This fails: http://wwww.erogol.com/?p=653

This succeeds: http://www.erogol.com/?p=653


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