As far as I can tell, the plugin that I'm using is saving options to the wp_options file:

### New global settings container, will eventually be the only one!
$cformsSettings = get_option('cforms_settings');

When I go into phpmyadmin, however, I can't find the cforms_settings option_name? Can anyone help me trouble-shoot this? I have a backup of my old data but I can't add it. I've also tried creating a completely new form and then searching the database and I've been unable to find it. Very puzzled!!

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add_option() and update_option() are the functions to save data in wp_options table.

Check in your plugin code whether this function saving 'cforms_settings' or not

  • It is using those functions: ` $cformsSettings['form'.$no]['cforms'.$no.'_tracking'] = ''; $cformsSettings['form'.$no]['cforms'.$no.'_tellafriend'] = '01'; $cformsSettings['form'.$no]['cforms'.$no.'_dashboard'] = '0'; $cformsSettings['form'.$no]['cforms'.$no.'_maxentries'] = ''; update_option('cforms_settings',$cformsSettings);` Is it possible that myphpadmin is somehow hiding or obscuring this array? It just doesn't show anything related to cforms_settings.
    – spazzed
    Sep 4, 2013 at 19:27

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