how can i use Custom Field Suite (CFS) https://uproot.us/ to create new posts in post type. what am trying to do is create a music albums using post then create new post based off the tracks in the album. i want to manage the track in the album post but have each track in the album as a new post type.

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My method for this would be:

  1. Create custom post types for Albums and Tracks, using either the Custom Post Type UI plugin, or just declaring them in functions.php (it's not that hard).
  2. Use the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin and create a "Relationship" field. You can restrict it to appear on Albums, and to accept only Tracks. The interface will allow you to order them by drag-and-drop.

PS: the CFS plugin seems to do pretty much the same as ACF. But I'm more familiar with the latter, so that's what I would use.

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