This is my current code:

$initial_data = $this->options['my_plugin_editor'];
$settings = array(
    'quicktags' => array('buttons' => 'em,strong,link',),
    'quicktags' => true,
    'tinymce' => true,
    'textarea_rows' => 20,
$id = 'my_plugin_editor_options[my_plugin_editor]';

The problem is I am unable to set the width of the editor. I can set the height 'textarea_rows' => 20, but I am not aware of a way how to set the width(cols).

If I am using a standard textarea without an editor, this is working well cols="120"

How to set cols in wp_editor function?


There are two parameters that you can use to change the size of the text editor generated with wp_editor(), here there are:

$settings = array(
    'editor_height' => 425, // In pixels, takes precedence and has no default value
    'textarea_rows' => 20,  // Has no visible effect if editor_height is set, default is 20
  • If editor_height is provided, its raw value will be used
  • Otherwise textarea_rows (or it's default value of 20) will be used to calculate the matching height in pixels

Good to know:

Here are a few examples of the result of the conversion from textarea_rows to pixels (this is done on the client side):

  • 0 to 3 => 100
  • 4 => 113
  • 5 => 133
  • 10 => 230
  • 15 => 328
  • 20 => 425
  • ...
$settings = array(
    'tinymce' => array(
        'width' => 200

Gives you a tinymce that is 200px wide. Found it here: http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration

When I tried it the background color of my tinymce changed. So maybe you have to tweak that.


OK, here's what I just did that works well:

echo "<div style='width:75%;'>";
wp_editor( $content, 'myid', $settings );
echo "</div>";
  • While I suppose this works, I suggest adding the parameter instead, as outlined in other answers.
    – Christine Cooper
    Apr 25 '19 at 8:54

I'm not sure if you even can set the cols"number" in the array.

But one way to achieve what you want, would be by adding a class to your wp_editor.

 $settings = array(
'quicktags' => array('buttons' => 'em,strong,link',),
'quicktags' => true,
'tinymce' => true,
'textarea_rows' => 20,
 'classes' => 'yourclass',

or when you're calling the wp_editor:

 <?php wp_editor( $content, $editor_id, $settings = array('editor_class'=>'yourclass') ); ?>

Then just set width in css:

 .yourclass {
   width: 400px !important; //add !important if your style is being overriden 

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