I made a custom type named foods and a taxonomy named fruits. I want to order the fruits name alphabetically ( A-Z ) on clicking a button and then clicking on it again it will show Z-A order.

Can you tell me how to do it please?

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Pass order parameter in url on click on link like /?order=DESC or if you are using a button then it must be submitting a form with order field value change GET to POST and field name

$order = $_GET['order'];
$order = 'ASC';
$categories = get_terms( 'category', array(
'orderby'    => 'name',
'order'=> $order,
) );
  • Thank you for your answer but unfortunately its not working. check out this link: tjdesigners.info/mooctracks/?post_type=courses After using each filters the url changes. Suppose I choose Begineer under Level, then the url changes to tjdesigners.info/mooctracks/… Now if I put /?order=DESC it doesnt work . Can you please tell me how to make it work? thanks
    – Ray
    Commented Sep 7, 2013 at 2:03

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