I would like to use the jQuery UI style Sheet, but I don't know whether it's pre-installed in WordPress or not.

Without knowing that I think it could create a problem. If it is available in WordPress, in that case wp_register_style() will become problematic because first we have to wp_deregister_style( $handle ) and then register our script, otherwise the two stylesheets may conflict.

Even if I'm asking a wrong question just give me some idea or resources where I can find available scripts and styles, so that I can easily find out what are the styles and script I need to register and enqueue in my plugin.

One more thing I don't have to do useless code like registering a stylesheet if it is already available.

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All WordPress pre-installed style sheets can be found at:

  • ../wp-admin/css/ - for stylesheets used in the admin
  • ../wp-includes/css/ - for all other stylesheets which may also be used in the admin.

As you can see the stylesheets which are available on the front-end are minimal, focussing mainly on:

  • admin-bar
  • TinyMCE editor (which is available on the front-end)
  • dialog & log-in dialogs (I believe used when the user is logged-in and their cookies expire).
  • buttons (used on the log-in page).
  • pointers (new feature pointers, again only for logged-in users).

This is intentional because its the theme that should be providing the styling for the front-end (not WordPress, and not plug-ins). As for where themes store their stylesheets... well that could be pretty much anywhere :), but any half-decent theme will have an appropriate directory structure.

To answer your question, no WordPress does not come with a jQuery UI stylesheet (not even for the admin). See tract ticket: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/18909

  • Thanks for extra information on why WordPress focusing more on admin Intentionally.
    – sun
    Commented Aug 31, 2013 at 12:53

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