I am running a WordPress site for real estate and I cannot seem to figure out how to receive an email when a new user registers or downloads information from my site. If anyone could help me figure out how to turn these notifications on or what plugin I should use to receive these notifications that would be greatly appreciated.


This is an easy way to get to get emails upon user registration - just needs to be added to your function.php file.

function registration_email_alert($user_id) {
    $message = strip_tags($_POST['user_login']). ' - ' . strip_tags($_POST['user_email']) . ' Has Registered To Your Website';
    wp_mail( 'youremail@website.com', 'New User Has Registered', $message );
add_action('user_register', 'registration_email_alert');

I'm sure there's also a way to get notified upon downloads but that might take extra time to figure out.

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