I want to create template page on which i could list and display all child categories of my custom category parent! That's the first level, and when those child categories are displayed i would like to link them to a page template where all of the child category posts would be displayed!

Is this doable?



Yes, this is achievable with the action 'template_redirect'

I've left to write code to find sub-category for yourself!

function my_subcat_template() {

    if ( <is sub category>) {
        include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/category-fun.php');

add_action('template_redirect', 'my_subcat_template');


This is a better answer for your problem Put this is functions.php

What it does is, it redefines how wordpress handles templates for categories ( and subcategories)

function new_subcategory_hierarchy() {  
    $category = get_queried_object();

$parent_id = $category->category_parent;

$templates = array();

if ( $parent_id == 0 ) {
    // Use default values from get_category_template()
    $templates[] = "category-{$category->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "category-{$category->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = 'category.php';      
} else {
    // Create replacement $templates array
    $parent = get_category( $parent_id );

    // Current first
    $templates[] = "subcategory-{$category->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "subcategory-{$category->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = "subcategory.php";

    // Parent second
    $templates[] = "category-{$parent->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "category-{$parent->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = 'category.php';  
    return locate_template( $templates );

add_filter( 'category_template', 'new_subcategory_hierarchy' );

Now you can user subcategory-slug.php or subcategory-id.php for specific subcategories

or subcategory.php in general for all subcategories

  • Yes, i think i understand, but where should i put this code block? In functions.php? And what should be the condition in if statement exactly? If it's no problem for you to explain it a little more :) – Kuka Aug 27 '13 at 12:01
  • I've updated the answer. You can put this code in functions.php or in inside you own plugin. Let me know if this works – Dipesh KC Aug 27 '13 at 13:30

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