I'm currently trying to get some of the words that are inside an excerpt to be bold with "h1" tag but it does not seem to be working. When I checked online, all that I come ac cross was the suggestion to use a plug in. Is there a way to achieve this without a plugin. My CSS looks as shown below.

.side-bar h1 {
    font-weight: bold!important;


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  1. You may already know this, but the <b> or <strong> tags are better choices if all you want to achieve is bold text. <h1> should be reserved for the most important header(s) on your page.
  2. By default, WordPress strips out a lot of what's in excerpts, including images and HTML tags. To undo this, you'll need to create or edit your theme's functions.php file. Either of these links will give you a description of how to write/edit functions.php to achieve this and other changes to the excerpt:

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