Suddenly our hosting company complaint our boss with a google mail that saying something like:

Your site is full of spam/scam. Please remove such malicious thing or we will unlist your site.

That made us crazy. We found some links in our WordPress site is taking us to a page, that is obviously NOT our site-page. But with the same URL of our page (domain/my-page) it's showing someone other's contents - that's disturbing too.

We tried the cPanel's "Virus Scanner" to find any trace of virus attack to the site, but found nothing.

Then, one of our developer found a way to generate a new page for the content of that page with a slightly different slug, and that worked. But after days it's worthless.

How can we get rid of such spam/scam?


One of our developer Mr. Ahsan Ullah found a very normal solution to that: He simply Refreshed the Permalink settings and it's all set.

From /wp-admin, going Settings » Permalinks, he clicked the Save Changes button. The permalink structure of the whole site was refreshed and the unwanted links were vanished from the site.

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