I have a Pods type called project, and a Pods pages url as project/* (which links to a template to show the project).

I also have a normal Page which lists the projects (via a custom shortcode that loops through all the pods) and outputs on the page.

My navigation menu is simple: Home, About Us, Method, Our Work, Contact Us.

I need further guidance please on how to link up the Pods project/* page so that when a specific project is being displayed, the top level Projects link is highlighted with the correct wordPress class current_menu_parent.

Also where should the Pods page be listed in the Wordpress Appearance -> Menu, as I see no link there for the Pods type.

How can I do this please?

unable to link pods custom type to nav menu

  • When you edit the menu, click Screen Options in the top right corner and make sure everything is checked. – passatgt Aug 25 '13 at 11:07

Advanced Content Types and Pod Pages are separate from WordPress post types. They do not currently show up in the navigation menu management area. This is a feature we are working on including in the future.


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