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  • A plugin that have its own postbox with several hidden fields.


How these custom hidden fields can be saved along with the other post data within the Autosave feature?



I have just made a plugin that needed to be autosaved, so i started to dig into the code. I did now that it have to be trigged by some javascript so started to look into the console in Chrome when autosave fires. I then saw that autosave.js looks for a class tags-input in admin-filters.php you can see the comment:

// NOTE: the class "tags-input" allows to include the field in the autosave $_POST (see autosave.js)

So i just added the class tags-input to my hidden fields and it now saves when autosave fires!

Here is my example: <input type="hidden" class="tags-input" name="key" value="value" />


Now you have to add your data by your own ajax function. (add a new js-file and include in footer. admin_enqueue_scripts)

jQuery(document).ajaxSend(function(e, x, a) {
    var data = 1;
    a.data += '&' + jQuery.param( {test_data: data} );

And the saving:

add_action('save_post', 'autosave_save_custom');

function autosave_save_custom( $post ) {
    if( wp_is_post_autosave($post) && isset( $_POST['test_data'] ) ) {
        $test_data = intval( $_POST['test_data'] );
        $post_id = $post->ID;
        update_metadata( $post->post_type, $post_id, 'test_data', $test_data );
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  • Neat, but that its safe to do? I mean, when you restores the autosave its doesn't get those values and to set the tags? – diosney Aug 23 '13 at 21:31
  • I searched and didn't found any mention to tags-input there so I think can be used :D However, had you any issues regarding this? – diosney Aug 23 '13 at 21:34
  • There are other plugins that using this method, such as Polylang. And no your values will not get the tags. I think the ajax-request looks for the class tags-input to build the data posted to the database. – Pontus Abrahamsson Aug 23 '13 at 21:37
  • He..What version of WP are you using? I checked a WP 3.5.2 installation and it have the code you say except the comment :( which is bad indication. In a WP 3.6 installation It has the code...**commented!** :O with a message that reads: /* // We haven't been saving tags with autosave since 2.8... Start again? $('.the-tags').each( function() { data[this.name] = this.value; }); */ – diosney Aug 23 '13 at 21:38
  • Anyway, was a good suggestion but do you have another way? This one seems inconsistent and unsafe since WP team removed that feature. – diosney Aug 23 '13 at 21:39

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