I want to pass another query var in the URL through a form while I'm on a taxonomy archive page.

The URL would look like so

  • tax_1 is the other other taxonomy
  • tax_2 is the taxonomy I'm currently on - if the user passes this var eventually the taxonomy archive he's currently on should display results for another term

If I attempt to load this URL I will be always redirected to tax_1 taxonomy archive page for the term I passed. No matter if I set or no any var for tax_2.

Has this something to do with template_redirect? How to adjust it?



Actually I realised this is pretty easy to do with post type archives and multiple taxonomies. I could create a form to redirect according to user selection to the post type archive with advanced taxonomy query vars (just use a different action and point to the post type archive). Still, I'd like to know if what I wanted to do in a taxonomy term archive is possible...

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    Is that a typo? Your query vars should start with a question mark like http://www.example.com/tax_1/term_55/?tax_1=term_1&tax_2=term2&orderby=modified – epilektric Aug 19 '13 at 1:19
  • yes sorry that was a typo on Stackexchange only, I will edit my question – unfulvio Aug 19 '13 at 9:59

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