I remember, I had edited some part of my theme for optimizing the title values. Currently in google I see this.

Whereas when I open a post, the site name is not appended to the post title.

I looked at the header.php of my theme and found the following line:

<title><?php seotitles(); ?></title>

I am using "All in one SEO" plugin and have set the title and description of each post manually and when I do so, I don't append the site name in the post name.

How can I bring what I see in google and what the user sees in sync with each other?

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There is actually nothing you can do about this. Google changed their algorithm a few months ago where they will sometimes determine the title in their results if they feel it's a better fit.

I noticed this when working on the SEO for the last company I worked for. When searching "channel letters detroit" the results gave "Channel Letters - Detroit Sign Company SIGNARAMA Troy" for http://michigansignshops.com/products/outdoor-signs/channel-letters/, while the page title is "Detroit Channel Letters, Fast Fabrication & Cost Effective | SIGNARAMA".

Joost de Valk from Yoast (Author of WordPress SEO, which is very similar to All in one SEO) actually explains a little more of this in Why Google won't display the right page title.


Ian Stewart's tutorial shows an understandable and SEO-friendly <title>, you can follow

    if ( is_single() ) { single_post_title(); print ' - '; bloginfo('name'); }
    elseif ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) { bloginfo('name'); print ' - '; bloginfo('description'); get_page_number(); }
    elseif ( is_page() ) { single_post_title(''); }
    elseif ( is_search() ) { bloginfo('name'); print ' - Search results for ' . esc_html($s); get_page_number(); }
    elseif ( is_404() ) { bloginfo('name'); print ' - Not Found'; }
    else { bloginfo('name'); wp_title('-'); get_page_number(); }

It'll put a title into your post page title like:

GET and POST requests - Java Experience

I hope that'll work for you. But don't know what are the settings you need to change into the "All in one SEO" settings. Good Luck!

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