I am developing a wordpress plugin and just came out with a problem with enqueue scripts.

I want to enqueue JQUERY UI (.js) and (.css) in my plugin.

  • Is it better to enqueue it from Google CDN or from Wordpress bundled?
  • If in a wordpress admin page there are 2 plugins active and both used JQUERY UI of different versions. Then will it be a conflict or problem?

I googled many pages and actually didn't still come with a perfect solution. Please share your experience and views regarding enqueue scripts in plugin.


The best practice is to actually enqueue from the bundled version since it has a handle, this avoids conflicts.

If 2 scripts are enqueued using the same handle, jquery-ui-core for example (default WP one) then only 1 script is loaded.

If 2 scripts are enqueued using different names then they will both be loaded.

This is especually true for scripts and CSS like jQuery-UI which include thier own hardcoded handles like #tabs which can cause problems with themes and other plugins.

In my opinion breaking a site is worse than having to load a few extra KB's.

  • Thanks..how will i load jquery ui css from wordpress bundled? I mean i can load wp_enqueue_script("jquery-ui-core"). but what about itz CSS loading? – Md Shahinur Rahaman Aug 10 '13 at 5:22
  • The only CSS included is for jquery-ui-dialog you will have to use your own, it's almost always better to create your own CSS with unique id and class names. – Wyck Aug 10 '13 at 7:00

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