we have a wordpress installation running on address www.example.com. We wanted to have a development site for it as a subdomain, so we created a subdomain dev.example.com on cpanel. Created a duplicate of its database and replicated the files to the directory root of dev.example.com. Then modified wp-config.php to point to the duplicate db. Now the problem is, when we try to access dev.example.com/wp-admin, it redirects to https://www.example.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fdev.example.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1

Anybody can help me with this?

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    When you copied the database, did you change the site url to the sub domain? It is usually the first record in the wp_options table. – Charles Clarkson Aug 8 '13 at 20:25
  • @CharlesClarkson Actually, I'm using this interconnectit.com/products/… to change wp_options and wp_posts url to my new url. Still no luck, I'm dumping my db now to check again for any occurences of my old url. – Bryan CS Aug 8 '13 at 20:46
  • Check your theme files too. – Charles Clarkson Aug 8 '13 at 20:48

Based on Charles Clarkson's comment, I directly changed the siteurl and home options in the wp_options table to be https://dev.example.com/ and this fixed the problem for me.

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