I'm using Ninja Forms and their extension to do front-end posts. They have a function that isn't working that is supposed to allow you to redirect to a specific "thank you" page depending on values from the form (you specify the form field ID). This is the code but it isn't working:

function change_ninja_forms_landing_page(){
    global $ninja_forms_processing; 

    $form_id = $ninja_forms_processing->get_form_ID(); 

    if( $form_id == 1 ){ 
        $swapcategory = $ninja_forms_processing->get_field_value( 21 ); 

        switch( $swapcategory ){ 
            case 'Need':
                $url = 'http://dcartistexchange.org/start-swapping/need/';
            case 'Offer':
                $url = 'http://dcartistexchange.org/start-swapping/offers/';

        // $url now contains our new success page. Let's update the form setting.
        $ninja_forms_processing->update_form_setting( 'landing_page', $url );

Field 21 is a custom post type category checkbox and the "case" are the field values. When I submit the form, nothing happens (I get the form submitted confirmation but it doesn't go to the pages specified).

I've tried putting wp_redirect in there (with the exit) and that doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone see what I may be missing?

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You never initialize the value in $url. Test the value in $swapcategory. When there is no match, $url is empty and that may be the problem. This comment is false:

// $url now contains our new success page. Let's update the form setting.

It should say:

// $url may contain our new success page or it may be unset.
  • Thanks! I knew I was missing something, I just couldn't figure out what it was. Aug 7, 2013 at 17:39

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