I am using WordPress and "All in one SEO pack" plugin.

I set up the title, descriptions, and keywords, and everything is working nice on site. Then I accidentally looked for my site on Google. I enter my domain in search and when I found my site, I was surprised that my title is not the same as on my site. It's a totally different title, but the description is good. I try some changes but it's not showing in that moment when I change. I don't know what the problem can be.

Can someone tell me why is this happening?

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This is more of an SEO question than a WordPress one...

Changes won't happen until after Google re-crawls your site - that is, the next time a googlebot visits your site and updates their information about your site.

Wait for the next time they do. The rate/timing for the next googlebot crawl varies by site

  • Thanks for reply, I was suspected that Google didn't not updated yet, but i really need it to be sure and its much better when i heard from someone that actually is good with this :D Thanks again! Commented Aug 5, 2013 at 9:28

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