I have custom code that handles comment insertions using wp_insert_comment. Does Akismet plugin expose any hooks, functions, class that can work with the same and possibly elsewhere where custom forms for user content submissions are involved? Or do I need to write custom code to make calls to Akismet API?


I greped a slightly aging copy of the Akismet plugin and these are the hooks I found-- filters first, then actions.

admin.php:374:  if ( apply_filters( 'akismet_show_user_comments_approved', get_option('akismet_show_user_comments_approved') ) == 'true' ) {
akismet.php:144: $akismet_ua = apply_filters( 'akismet_ua', $akismet_ua );
akismet.php:201: if ( $incr = apply_filters('akismet_spam_count_incr', 1) )
akismet.php:336: $akismet_nonce_option = apply_filters( 'akismet_comment_nonce', get_option( 'akismet_comment_nonce' ) );
akismet.php:391: if ( $incr = apply_filters('akismet_spam_count_incr', 1) )
akismet.php:439: if ( apply_filters('akismet_optimize_table', ($n == 11)) ) // lucky number
akismet.php:448: $interval = apply_filters( 'akismet_delete_commentmeta_interval', 15 );
akismet.php:472: if ( apply_filters( 'akismet_optimize_table', ( $n == 11 ), 'commentmeta' ) ) { // lucky number 
akismet.php:586:$akismet_comment_nonce_option = apply_filters( 'akismet_comment_nonce', get_option( 'akismet_comment_nonce' ) );

admin.php:548:  do_action('akismet_submit_nonspam_comment', $comment_id, $response[1]);
admin.php:599:  do_action('akismet_submit_spam_comment', $comment_id, $response[1]);
admin.php:740:  do_action( 'comment_remove_author_url' );
admin.php:755:  do_action( 'comment_add_author_url' );
akismet.php:376: do_action( 'akismet_comment_check_response', $response );
akismet.php:383: do_action( 'akismet_spam_caught' );
akismet.php:434: do_action( 'delete_comment', $comment_ids );
legacy.php:85:   do_action( 'delete_comment', $comment_ids );
legacy.php:222:do_action( 'akismet_tabs' ); // so plugins can add more tabs easily

As you can see, a number of those specifically reference comments though I don't know exactly what you need to do. As far as other "user content submissions are involved", again, I don't know what exactly you need to do.

I would make a suggestion though. Rather than looking for hooks, which may or may not be present for what you need, look at the various functions provided by the Akismet plugin. Some of those functions, for example akismet_http_post(), provide pretty convenient access to the Akismet API, at least that is how it looks to me.

  • Sorry for a late reply. After a lot of deliberation I think I would need to write to my own code for the functionality I need. The site I'm working on in addition to usual comments also allows user's to submit self-generate content via means of different forms. Akismet's functions within the plugin can be a starting point. Thanks for looking into this. – John Aug 1 '13 at 18:52

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