In Wordpress, is it possible:

  • To "make my current browser" to get "logged-in" to the a WP site, from a script in my localhost?

Means, i will be running a script in my localhost:

  • http://localhost/do_login.php

And after that, in the same browser, when i go to:

  • https://www.my_remote_wpsite.com/wp-admin

I should already be logged in there.
So my local script will make my current browser logged-in into the remote WP site.

How can it be done please?

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Can't be done without a lot of wotk, cookies are sent only to the host doing the login. If your webserver does the login then the browser don't have the cookies.

I guess you can write some script that imports cookies from your seb server to your browser, but that doesn't sound like something easy to do as you will probably need to write an extension to the browser

  • You don't want to send cookies around.
    – kaiser
    May 26, 2015 at 10:05

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