I am using the following code to retrieve images from the web:

$get = wp_remote_get($image_file_name);
$mirror = wp_upload_bits(basename($image_file_name), '', wp_remote_retrieve_body($get));

This code works just fine with all sorts of images except when images have no extension. For example, if image file name was:


then running the above code would be ok. However, the link


would give the following error:

    [error] => Invalid file type

After further investigation, it looks like wp_upload_bits has the following code in it:

$wp_filetype = wp_check_filetype( $name );
if ( ! $wp_filetype['ext'] && ! current_user_can( 'unfiltered_upload' ) )
    return array( 'error' => __( 'Invalid file type' ) );

And it seems that it is checking if an extension actually exists, and if not, then there is an error.

So my question is how do I work around this to download images that do not have extensions?



I don't know the URL of an extension-less image to test this but I'd think that the server would have to pass a content-type header. If that is the case, you should be able to look at $get['headers']['content-type'], find out what kind of image it is, and tack the appropriate extension onto $image_file_name before sending it to wp_upload_bits.

You've already retrieved the information. Take a look at var_dump($get), so the idea is to do something like this:

$get = wp_remote_get($image_file_name);
$ending = file_ending_parsing_function($get['headers']['content-type']);
$mirror = wp_upload_bits(basename($image_file_name.$ending), '', wp_remote_retrieve_body($get));

wp_remote_retrieve_body just grabs information already present in $get, retrieved by wp_remote_get, so you aren't faced with downloading a file that doesn't exist and I ran a test to confirm that the first parameter of wp_upload_bits can be anything you choose so long as the extensions match. In fact, tentative testing suggests that it just needs to have an extension. I was able to upload a .jpg and rename it to a .gif extension without manipulating the file at all.

  • I am using the following code $type = wp_remote_retrieve_header( $get, 'content-type' ); to get the image type. Now let's assume that it was a jpg image, then the url for the image would be http://www.some_site.com/another_image_filename_but_without_extension.jpg which actually does not exist! Is this what you meant? – Greeso Jul 23 '13 at 23:17
  • @Greeso : see the edit – s_ha_dum Jul 23 '13 at 23:37

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