I am new to WordPress and have no knowledge about codes.


My website page with the problem is: http://ecurative.com/?p=970 The image size is too big and looks blurry. I need a way out to compress the image into say 250px X 350px. Tried reassigning the large and the medium image size under Settings>Media, but no results.

  • If you have changed the Media settings, it won't take effect on previously uploaded images. You have to regenerate all the already-uploaded-images with a plugin like: Regenerate Thumbnail – Mayeenul Islam Jul 23 '13 at 17:35

First of all set the image size in Settings > Media or seta customized image size using add_image_size function.

New images you will upload will be right size, but for images already uploaded you have to recreate the image sizes, for the pourpose you can use the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails

Hope it helps.

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