i have 4 error in the plugin logo slider

the first error in line 89 and i fixed it and one of the other the errors in 225

Notice: Undefined index: action in /plugins/logo-slider/logo-slider.php on line 89 and the other 3 errors in on line 225

but there is 2 other left in 225

225    if(isset($wp_logo_slider_images['update']) == 'Added' || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Deleted' || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Updated') {

and when i click update it give me

Notice: clean_url is deprecated since version 3.0! Use esc_url() instead. in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 2841

but when i one funcution.php i cant find clean_url so i could replace it

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    Can you please rephrase your question to have an actual question? This is not a bug reporting forum. – GhostToast Jul 23 '13 at 14:25

The logic on line 225 is bad.

  isset($wp_logo_slider_images['update']) == 'Added' 
  || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Deleted' 
  || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Updated') {

isset($wp_logo_slider_images['update']) is never going to equal 'Added' but that isn't where the error comes in. PHP will try to use $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] twice on that line without checking that the value is set.

What you need is:

  && ( 
    $wp_logo_slider_images['update']== 'Added' 
    || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Deleted' 
    || $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] == 'Updated'
) {

Notice the extra set of () to group the ||s and make sure that PHP does not try to access $wp_logo_slider_images['update'] if it isn't set.

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