I'm using the following code to display data from subcategories. The subcategories are 'United kingdom', 'England Only', 'Northern Ireland Only', 'Scotland Only', 'Wales Only'.

Ordering by date or asc/desc puts the UK subcategory somewhere in the middle with either Wales or England at the top. I need the UK subcategory to be at the top. It holds the most posts - so is it possible to use an orderby in the query to fix this? Or do you think I need to create its own loop for the UK subcategory only?

$parentCatID = get_cat_ID('Grants and Incentives');
$childCats = get_categories( 'child_of='.$parentCatID.'&orderby=date&order=asc' );
foreach($childCats as $child){ ?>
<h2 class="experts <?php echo $child->name; ?>"><?php echo $child->name; ?> Grants and Incentives</h2>
<?php query_posts('cat='.$child->term_id.'&post_type=grants-and-incentive');
while(have_posts()): the_post(); $do_not_duplicate = $post->ID;

Edit: I'm now using the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order Plugin and orderby=term_order. Which works great. It would be good to know how this works without using a plugin though, if anyone could explain it!

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I have never used the plugin you found but it looks pretty heavy, at least on the backend, and may be overkill unless you need a lot more functionality than described in the question.

get_categories operates from cached data so my thought was to simple alter the returned array rather than perform another query or a more complicated one.

function move_cat_to_top_wpse_107314($move, $cats = array()) {
  if (empty($move) || empty($cats)) {
    return false;
  $cat = array_search($move,wp_list_pluck($cats,'slug'));
  if (false !== $cat) {
    $tmp = $cats[$cat];
  return $cats;

$parent = get_cat_ID('aciform');
$children = get_categories( 
    'child_of' => $parent,
    'orderby' => 'date',
    'order' => 'asc',
// var_dump($children);
var_dump(move_cat_to_top_wpse_107314('sub', $children));

The move_cat_to_top_wpse_107314 function is all you need. The rest illustrates usage and works with data on my sandbox site.

Also, please don't use query_posts.


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