I've previously done Tumblr themes and this is my first Wordpress theme. After initially starting out a theme from scratch I decided to switch to _S due to time constraints.

My issue is that I may have misunderstood what _S is, so I'm here to get some clarity on a few things.

  1. First off, I decided to go with the _S theme as what I understand is that it has all the functionality side of things already done (functions & other PHP) as the site I'm intending to make does not need fancy functionality right now, so this would let me get on with the design aspects. Is this a correct assumption and what exactly is _S?

  2. I had a look at the style.css as well as layout folder, and my main issue is here. I'm intending to build a site with my own particular layout so should I replace all the CSS in style.css with my own? I'm not sure if I should as most of it seemed just to be good practice CSS to make sure things work but could I be wrong in this and is it there more for stylistic purposes? Then there's the issue with my own, actual CSS for the site, should I just place it under the CSS already in style.css or make it on a new file and have that linked in?

Basically all I want to do is get on with detailing how the particulars of my visuals are at the moment, can i do this with _S?

Also would _S allow me to add my own particular functionality easily or would I be better off with making my own parent theme as I want to avoid modifying a theme?

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The readme in the theme repository answers your questions already: replace what you don’t need, and add your own code to the theme’s style.css and functions.php.

The theme isn’t meant to be complete, it is really just a start. You can do whatever you want, and it will be fine.


I would change the font size handling. In _s it is set in px. This isn’t really user-friendly, because it might break when a user has set a minimum font size. You can replace it with better values sized in em.

There is a function _s_wp_title() to change the output of wp_titel(). This is plugin territory, so you can just remove it.

  • Agreed. It's simply a good quality starting point. It's akin to starting with an outline. Feel free to rip out or rewrite anything that you want. Don't use it as a parent theme, it should literally be the actual theme you use. Jul 21, 2013 at 11:52

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