I've enabled built-in password protection on one of my pages. The password form shows up, I enter a password, press Submit button and I'm redirected to my front page.

Now if I revisit the protected page, it will be unlocked (if the password was correct). But I think after I enter the password, I should land directly on the page I'm trying to access, right?

I'm using Wordpress 3.5.2 with a custom theme. What I've tried:

  • tested it on another blog with WP 3.5.2
  • switched theme to unmodified Twenty Twelve
  • disabled all plugins
  • clean WP install on a local server

No luck with any of these, still the same problem - I'm redirected to the server's root (i.e. example.com/, not example.com/wordpress or example.com/wordpress/passpage).

Is it a bug or intended behavior? Is there any workaround I could use?

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Turns out it was a problem with my browser blocking HTTP referrers.

Disabling referrer blocking or switching to another browser solves the issue.

(related Trac ticket)

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