I need to display press statements as a custom post type ("statement"). Associated with each statement post type is one or more Authors, which is currently implemented also as a custom post type ("sauthor"). Each Author is supposed to have a title/post/position, e.g. Vice President of ABC, which is currently implemented as sauthor's custom field ("position"). I use a third party plugin called "Posts to Posts" to associate sauthor post types with statement post types.

I have all of the above set up but I have a problem because the title/post/position of the Author(s) may change. Today, John Doe might be Vice President of ABC but next year, he might be Chief Janitor but I need the statements that he issued this year to still be displayed as "Vice President of ABC". Any ideas on how this could be done?

One solution that I thought of is to do away with the sauthor to statement relationship and just have the Author and his/her title as custom fields. However, I'd like the data to be related. As in each Author custom field has a Position custom field as a child to show that the data is related. But could this be done?

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